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International Trauma-Informed Yoga and Meditation

Centered on Stress and Anxiety Relief

“There is nothing to do but be in your process and to recognize that others are in their process.”

~ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

The Birth Story of Madeleine Bong Yoga

The biggest and most profound skill you will learn when working and traveling abroad is the ability to adapt. While 2020 has brought many challenges, the new era has shed light on the things that are foundational yet lacking or missing in life: , community, and compassion, as well as, systemic changes that must occur for the betterment of humanity and Mother Nature. Our ability to adapt to this new chapter is not merely for our own survival, but the ability for the whole world to thrive.

It is during this time that Madeleine Bong Yoga emerged from the pure necessity of bringing more people together through the connection of the self… click “read more” to continue reading

Personalized Services

Corporate Group Classes

Corporate Group Classes are centered around relieving stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that through employee wellness programs, employees have improved concentration, quicker decision making skills, and the ability to act calmly in demanding situations. Investing in your employees is an investment in your business.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are specifically designed for you. Together, we will work on unblocking self-held limitations and trauma held within the body. With the intention to find more joy, freedom, and clarity, you will receive more care and attention than you would find in a larger group setting.


“We initially engaged Maddy to run a yoga class for our Accelerator Bootcamp and we valued her session so much, we decided to book her to run mindfulness meditations for the rest of the year. Her teaching style is considered, bold, and easygoing. Her sessions became something our staff and colleagues looked forward to during their weeks. We could not recommend her enough!

Diletta Legowo

Marketing and Partnerships Coordinator at Spark Deakin

“Madeleine is a wonderful meditation facilitator – she held weekly workshops and always brought so much more than we expected. Her commentary is deep and thoughtful, she has a lovely soothing voice (it’s like having the calm app coming to life) and she comes prepared for every session. I would highly recommend having her in your workplace regularly, we had her as our yogi in residence on a weekly basis.

Daizy Maan

Program Manager at Deakin University

“Madeleine’s guidance into topics around anxiety and grief through the lens of yoga were really well considered: gentle, nourishing, and informative with subtle practices we can take back into our own practice and teachings.

Tyler Ross

Strategic Design Director at Next – Reece Group



Seattle, WA USA


Let’s connect and step forward together

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