About Madeleine Bong

Madeleine Bong is an International, Trauma-Informed Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Her focus revolves around releasing stress and anxiety through breath, movement, and meditation. Madeleine’s aim is to help guide and facilitate safe spaces for her clients to find more joy and freedom in their body, mind, and spirit .

Madeleine has been a practitioner since high school, but her fascination for Yoga grew when she noticed the practice was not only healing her physical spinal injury, but also soothed her emotional pain and anxiety.

She has found more space and freedom in her body, mind, and heart to continue her other passions of golfing, hiking, and painting with less pain and a whole lot of fun.

Her journey has helped her find a reconnection and sense of safety in her body. The result has been, growing confidence, compassion, and resilience on all levels with herself and her relationships.

From teaching in Australia and Indonesia, Madeleine is thrilled to be back in the States to share her teachings with the communities in her home country.


Madeleine Bong acknowledges the vital growth necessary in the yoga community and stands with BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities. She is committed to listening, furthering her education and awareness, and standing for justice in her teaching practice.


  • 200 Hours CYT Power Vinyasa w/ Power Living, Melbourne, AUS
  • 200 Hours CYT Hatha Vinyasa w/ Yoga Corner, Melbourne, AUS
  • 20 Hours CYT Mindful, Trauma-Informed Yoga Training w/ Yoga Medicine

Weekend Trainings/Workshops:

  • Trauma-Aware Teacher Training w/ Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia, Melbourne, AUS
  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training w/ Gena Kenny and Yoga Corner, Melbourne, AUS




Seattle, WA USA


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