The Magic of Pranayama in Supporting Anxiety Attacks

Here I share my first anxiety attack experience and how my nervous system quickly turned to my breathing exercises. I never thought I would have such a strong anxiety attack and under the water nonetheless!

The Diary of a Yoga Teacher: Exhaustion and White Centering Yoga Studios

The Diary of a Yoga Teacher is a series of writing that reflect upon my experience as a person of colour in Western Yoga spaces. In today's entry, I talk about my overall exhaustion from the current political and social landscape.

Resources to find support, education, and community

A list of resources to educate and support BIPOC communities. This page will continue to grow as I learn too. I will be looking deeper into LGBTQ+ resources as well, stay tuned.

Beauty Standards, White Supremacy, #modelminority and more

I was once told by a friend of mine in high school that he preferred my eyes then another friend of ours simply because I have an eyelid crease, meaning I do not have a stereotypical Asian mono-lid. Need I go further?...

Private Yoga Session – Required Reading

This reading is solely for those who are interested in working 1-1 with me. Please take your time reading this through before reaching out. Thank you.

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