“There is nothing to do but be in your process and to recognize that others are in their process.”

~ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

"...this new chapter is not merely for our own survival, but the ability for the whole world to thrive."

The biggest and most profound skill you will learn when working and traveling abroad is the ability to adapt. While 2020 has brought many challenges, the new era has shed light on the things that are foundational yet lacking or missing in life: gratitude, community, and compassion, as well as, systemic changes that must occur for the betterment of humanity and Mother Nature.

Our ability to adapt to this new chapter is not merely for our own survival, but the ability for the whole world to thrive.

It is during this time that Madeleine Bong Yoga emerged from the pure necessity of bringing more people together through the connection of the Self.

Through physical practice, philosophy, and principles of Yoga, we as a community, can cultivate self-compassion and therefore compassion for all beings.


MBY provides trauma-informed yoga and meditation classes plus online courses/workshops with a focus on relieving stress and anxiety. We offer a felt-sense experience through a variety of yoga practices and teachings to further guide you in relaxation.

MBY teaches from a trauma-informed lens. This means we acknowledge the uniqueness of everyone's experience and provide tools including, but not limited to: offering variations, open communication, consent before touch, and finding the right practice for You.

Mission Statement

MBY's mission is to guide practitioners through movement, breath, and meditation to release stress and anxiety in order to cultivate compassion and ultimately liberation for themselves and all beings.

Vision Statement

MBY envisions a world of growing awareness and mindfulness from a space of respect, compassion, love, and joy.




Seattle, WA USA


Let's connect and step forward together

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