Lunch Time Meditation

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We are all familiar with the lunch time energy dip that makes us want to take a 30 minute snooze. Am I right… or am I right! When I started harnessing the power of my breath through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation my day to day completely shifted. I can now move through my day without feeling the lunch time lethargy in just 15 minutes.

If this is you and you’re interested in finding ways to boost your energy through your breath and awareness then this 4 week offering is for you!

Dates: Mondays, September 12, 19, 26, October 3

Times: 12:00-12:15pm PDT

Where: Zoom

What to expect: breathing techniques, possibly light movement (no mat needed), guided meditation

Investment: By Donation (recommended $22)

Venmo: @madeleine-bong8

Paypal: @mbongyoga


Week 1: Building Awareness

Week 2: Release Tension and Stress

Week 3: Cultivate Energy

Week 4: Sustain Energy

Class is only 15 minutes every Monday and you’ll receive the recording to the practice for the rest of the week. It’s important to repeat your practices to understand the depth of each week. The first 5 to email me will receive all 4 videos for life!

Send me an email to sign up and I'll respond with the Zoom Link!

Integrating Yoga Off the Mat

in-person and zoom

Closed Registration

Course Description:
True freedom is acceptance of the Self. True liberation is holding yourself in Love. Interested in knowing how to? Learn to integrate the philosophy of Yoga into your daily life. If you're interested in understanding your own resistance, building a stronger mindset, and cultivating sustainable joy and peace, this course is for you!
This 4 week course is designed to move through the variety of human emotions and harness the power of self-awareness and remain non-reactive. Together, we will sit in discussion and daily practice to shed through the layers that over-shadow our deepest hearts desire. Each week you will move closer to understanding who you are and what you want in life as well as develop the tools to move forward in abundant joy.



Seattle, WA USA


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